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:: The DEEP-KISS depth gauge is the essential emergency supplement for your scuba diving equipment. It has been tested to a maximum depth of 40 meters. Its shape and weight make it ideal support equipment for your journeys to the underwater world that is also easy to use. In an emergency if there is a break down of your computer, you will know the basic information - depths of decompression stops. It becomes a permanent part of your equipment. ::

:: Take the diving instrument - the DEEP-KISS depth gauge with you on your excursions to the silent underwater world. It provides you with reliable information about the depth you are at. The scale is easily readable especially at low depths. DEEP-KISS tells you exactly how deep are you diving. Easy of use makes it the best gift or souvenir from your journeys. ::

:: The DEEP-KISS depth gauge brings you a brand new and original form of advertisement and promotion. Be different and give your customers something that is always useful. Depth gauge DEEP-KISS will become a successful promotional gift so customers will be reminded of your firm and can see it at any time. It can also change the opinion of basic diving equipment - to the ABC comes also the DEEP-KISS depth gauge. ::

:: Many of your customers spend their holiday by the sea. Lets give them the DEEP-KISS depth gauge, a gift that will always remind them of their holiday with your agency. The DEEP-KISS depth gauge is the essential gadget to have with them on an active and exciting holiday. Moreover it gives them a lot of fun and entertainment. The DEEP-KISS depth gauge with your trademark than becomes a permanent part of your customer's luggage on their journey. ::

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